Lash Services
Fullset of Classic lashes                                          $165
One lash extension per natural lash     
Touch Up                                                
40% or more of lashes remaining. Must be within 3 week from last appt.                                                   

Full set of hybrid lashes                                           $180
Mixture of classic lashes and volume, 2-3 lashes per natural lash 
Hybrid Touch Up                                                      $80


Full set of Volume lashes                                          $200
Where multiple lighter lashes are applied to your natural lash to create a fuller, more dramatic look 
Volume Touch up                                                      $90

Full set of Mega Volume Lashes
mega light, soft and full lashes that can give the most option and styles. These are the best option for people with very light or minimal lashes to begin with. If you already have a good amount of lashes and want some drama and glam, these are for you!
Mega Touchup

              *less than 40% lashes will be considered full set*


    ​​​​      The Lash


    ​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to The Lash Desire. Professional Eyelash Extensions by Natalie Faenzi. Your eyes are pampered and treated by me, a 8 year certified Eyelash Extension Artist, where we love to maintain healthy & beautiful looking lashes. Once you experience what lash extensions have to offer, you will fall in love and never turn back! xo​